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Lake Tahoe Basin Environmental Data Resources

Welcome to the TIIMS Data Hub! Inside you will find links to environmental data collected by experts in water quality, soil conservation and air quality, along with a link to projects designed to improve the Lake Tahoe environment.

If you have any questions about TIIMS, please contact the TIIMS Team via TRPA email: [email protected].

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Tahoe Data Sources

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Environmental Improvement Program Data
A product of the Presidential Forum at Lake Tahoe in 1997 was the Environmental Improvement Program (EIP). The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) manages the cooperative effort, which aims to reach environmental goals by implementing projects designed to preserve, restore and enhance Tahoe’s unique natural and human environment.

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Air Quality Data (opens new window)
California's Legislature established the Air Resources Board (ARB) in 1967 to attain and maintain healthy air quality, conduct research into the causes of and solutions to air pollution, and systematically attack the serious problem caused by motor vehicles, which are the major causes of air pollution in the State.

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Stream Flow Data (opens new window)
As the science agency for the Department of the Interior, one USGS task is to investigate the occurrence, quantity, quality, distribution, and movement of surface and underground waters. USGS water data is stored on the National Water Information System (NWIS) and can be accessed online through NWISWeb.

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Nevada Water Quality Data (opens new window)
The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s (NDEP’s) Bureau of Water Quality Planning is responsible for water quality protection functions including collecting and analyzing water data, developing standards for surface waters, publishing reports and providing education and implementing programs to address surface water quality.

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Soil Data Mart (opens new window)
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) assists owners of America's private land with conserving their soil, water, and other natural resources. Local, state and federal agencies and policymakers also use NRCS resources. NRCS delivers technical assistance based on sound science and suited to a customer's specific needs.

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SNOTEL (opens new window)
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) installs, operates, and maintains an extensive, automated system to collect snowpack and related climatic data in the Western United States called SNOTEL (for SNOwpack TELemetry). The system evolved from NRCS's Congressional mandate in the mid-1930's to forecast the water supply.